A progressive company, vendor and service provider in wide range of products from office consumables, information technology peripherals and equipment, general merchandise items to hardware, electrical, industrial and more products to offer.

RSKK means Real Solutions with Keen and Knowledge.

New business name RSKK ENTERPRISES was established on May 2015 with guaranteed of a superb service, support, after sales commitment as new compared to medium and large vendors in the same industry. The proprietor and his group can solve problems in new ways. Readiness to an engage daring (enterprising, brave) or difficult action with systematic purposeful activity for today and for tomorrow’s business as partner together to achieve the SUCCESS!

We combine people and today’s technology. Improving and growing everyday committed by giving the customer increased flexibility and easy access to both products and after sales support.

four laptop batteries
four laptop batteries

Real Supply and Real Service and Real Solution – This brings every aspect of the business closer together:
People with questions are connected to people with answers.
Supply is connected directly to demand. Ideas are connected to action.
Providing an affordable & assured quality imported consumables with comprehensive service, support and solutions as well aiming for a long term business relationship to the clients.

And your business is connected to success. Our responsibility is to help the client solve a problem!


RSKK understand your investment.

We understand your needs in terms in achieving high stability and productivity for your organization.
RSKK is the improving and growing company.
RSKK’s commitment to customer value, teamwork, to being direct, to operating responsibility and, ultimately, to winning, continue to differentiate us from other companies.

RSKK Enterprises is determined to serve our customers well and exceed customer expectations, as well as their investors.

Because you only want solutions that WORK and we do it together as business partner today and tomorrow.

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